Best Treadmills With TV Screen Built In

We’ve featured a few different kinds of treadmills on this site. However, one of the features that many always ask about are treadmills with tv screen built in.

It’s not one of the most common features as you probably know by now. There are very few companies (for now) that make good quality treadmills which have tv screens too.

So far, I’ve found only three of these treadmills that you can use at home. And looking at the reviews online, only one of them has consistently good ratings.

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Highly Rated Treadmill With TV Built In

FreeMotion 890 Treadmills : Highly-rated treadmill with tv screen built in
FreeMotion 890 Treadmills: Highly-rated treadmill with tv screen built-in

The treadmill I’m talking about is the FreeMotion 890 Interactive Treadmill pictured on the right.

This treadmill features a 15″ HD tv with a 10″ touchscreen display.

The browser is powered by Android which means you don’t only get to exercise but you can also watch your favorite videos at the same time!

This is a good quality treadmill that can play your favorite shows as you work out. It also has good speakers to make listening to videos better.

This isn’t just a treadmill with a tv though. This is much more than that. Any avid runner/walker will be happy to know that this has ifit live technology where you can track your progress and even connect with other treadmill users around the world.

What People Like Best About the FreeMotion 890 Interactive Treadmill

More Treadmills With Built-in TV

Ziema Home Gym Treadmill With 15.6 WIFI- Color Touch Screen

Ziema Home Treadmill for home use: durable and quiet.This Ziema Home Treadmill is another good-quality treadmill machine for running with some of the best features available for home treadmills.

15.6 Color Touch Screen

This touch-screen feature has WIFI. This means that you can watch online videos or Netflix, if you have it. It also has a USB/SD card/MP3 interface so you can listen to music while exercising.

Easy to Assemble

This is 95% pre-assembled so there’s not a lot of things to do to put it together when it arrives at your house.

It’s Quiet and Easy to Put Away

The company says that it’s so quiet that you can workout on one floor while someone else is sleeping on the floor below it. This is because of the 5.0 hp noiseless peak value motor.

It also has a system which makes it easy to move from one place to another if you need to do so.

Heavy-Duty Treadmill

This has a maximum user weight of 440 lbs.!

Check it out here and read customer reviews!

Free Motion 2500 GS Treadmill

FreeMotion 2500 Treadmill - new for 2016. Commercial grade
FreeMotion 2500 Treadmill – new for 2016. Commercial grade

The FreeMotion 2500 GS Treadmill is new for 2016 so there still aren’t a lot of reviews on how well it performs. It’s also being sold for commercial use and is

If your main requirement for buying a treadmill is that they contain a built-in tv, then this isn’t any different than the older FreeMotion 890 above. In fact, it has exactly the same tv and touch screen size at 15” and 10” consecutively.

So what makes this different?

First of all, this now has a 400 lb weight capacity – 25 lbs. more than the Freemotion 890. This also has a belt that’s 2 inches wider

ProForm® ViewPoint Treadmill with 7″ Flatscreen TV

The Proform ViewPoint treadmill has a smaller size tv screen but it also sells for a more affordable price.

It is also cable ready, has ifit technology, great speaker, good fan and has a quiet motor.

Smooth Fitness 9.65TV Treadmill [Discontinued]

Smooth Fitness 9.65TV treadmill is a highly rated treadmill with tv built in. It has a 10.5″ screen with a good absorption system.

The running deck is pretty big at 21″ by 64″ which makes it a good treadmill for both walking and running purposes. It also has a very powerful 4.0 continuous rating which really makes it much like a gym quality treadmill.

Built-In TV Screen Alternatives

There are other alternatives to built-in TVs on treadmills.

One of the common ways to get to watch tv while exercising is by using a treadmill tv stand with LCD tv.

Obviously, it’s not as great as actually having the tv with the treadmill, but hey it does the job!

Looking for other types of Treadmills?

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