Best Treadmills With Ifit Technology

Treadmills with ifit technology take your exercise at home to a whole new level. This is fitness machine meet technology meet social.

Many treadmills still don’t have ifit technology built in but I’m pretty sure that newer versions for 2014 will include this technology that is widely becoming more and more popular among tech-savvy treadmill users.

Ifit can either be built in the machine or you can usually install them easily.

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FreeMotion 790 Interactive Treadmill

treadmills with tv screen built in

One of the highly rated treadmill with ifit built in is the  FreeMotion 790 Interactive Treadmill which is pictured on the right.  Many users of this machine marvel at how much more interesting treadmill running has become because of the ifit capability. The FreeMotion 790 isn’t exactly the cheapest treadmill but it is a durable and stable machine that works well for people who like to keep track of their fitness performance.

For this machine, treadmill exercising is meant to be a form of entertainment. Apart from the built-in ifit, it also has a built-in 15″ high definition tv. Now, how about that for entertainment, huh?

Proform Pro 2500 Treadmill

treadmills with ifit I have to give it to Proform for having adjusted very quickly to the ifit technology. Many of the treadmills they sell have either an ifit built in or at the very least ifit compatible (which means you may have to buy extra accessories to make it work).

The Proform Pro 2500 has a built-in ifit. It also has an incline and decline features to make your exercise more exciting and strenuous — so you can share it all for the world to see on your ifit profile!!!

NordicTrack Elite 9500 Treadmill


Here’s another company that got on the bandwagon pretty early. Have a look at their Elite 9500 Pro treadmill. This also has an ifit built-in feature. It also has wifi connectivity which means you can surf the web and look at your ifit profile and communicate with friends as you exercise.

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