Osaki Os-3d Pro Dreamer Massage Chair Review, Specs and Best Features

Osaki Os 3d Pro Dreamer Massage Chair. Top-notch. High quality massage chairColors Available: charcoal, brown, full black, brown

Warranty Period:

  • 2 years warranty on in-home service and labor, 4 years for parts and structural replacement
  • Extended warranty available


This is truly Osaki’s chair of the new millennium. It combines the newest technology and mimics a masseuse’s hands. The Osaki os-3d Pro Dreamer massage chair has high technology features that take massage chairs to a whole new level. First, it has 3d scanning.

Second, the rollers also have 3d capability (in layman’s terms, the rollers can be made to move forward and backward to increase intensity –in addition to the upward/downward and side to side movements). Third, it has two zero gravity positions and lastly but not the least, it has music capability so that you can listen to your favorite relaxing songs while getting a massage.

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Osaki os-3d Pro Dreamer Massage Chair Dimensions

The Osaki OS-3d Pro Dreamer massage chair measures  48″ H x 35.4″  W x 58.3″ D. When reclined, it has a 45.3″ H x 35,4″ W x 74.8″ D footprint. This means when setting up this chair you will need extra front and back space: at least 10″ for the leg rest and 31.5″ for the backrest.


This year, 3d massage rollers is the industry’s buzzword. And this chair, as the name implies offers exactly that. This 3d feature allows the user to have more control over the rollers intensity. If you want a strong massage, push the roller a bit forward and for a lighter one, just program it to operate a bit backwards (there are over 5 different levels)


This Osaki 0s-3d chair is available in four different colors: charcoal, brown, full black, cream.  Doesn’t the cream look very unique? Here are the chairs with their respective colors.

Different colors available of the Osaki Pro dreamer: white, black

2 Stage Zero Gravity Positions

Zero gravity positions in massage chairs used to be limited to only one. This all new chair now has two different positions for the ultimate massage session. The first position is where the leg is lower than the head which is common in many massage chairs. The 2nd gravity position reclines the chair down to a level where the leg is placed higher than the head. This puts much less pressure on the spine and can be very relaxing too.

Other Important Features

  • 3d Body Scan – As soon as you get on the chair, it scans your body to identify your body’s measurements. By doing this, it can then pinpoint and identify the many pressure points that you have in your body and making sure that the massage is focused on this area.
  • Mp3 Player – Listen to your favorite songs when you get a massage session on the Osaki Os-3d pro dreamer massage chair. And here’s something even special with this chair. You can program the vibration of the chair so that in SYNCS with the music you’re playing!
  • Waist Massage – The waist and the lower back area gets quite stressed too and they’re not always easy to reach with massage chairs. This one, however, has 2 airbags that inflate and massages that part of your body. As it does this it also pushes your body even closer to the seat of the chair so that you get an even intensified massage into your lower back.
  • Heating Pad in The Lumbar Area – Now add to this  heating pad and you are sure going to get all the knots that have been bothering your lower back
  • Focuses on the Lower body just as much as it does on the Upper body – features some great massage techniques for the lower body. You can be assured that your buttocks, legs, calves, and legs are going to get as much attention as your upper body.
  • Choose Specific/Localized body Program – If you would rather not have a full body massage, one of the unique features of the Osaki os-3d pro dreamer is that there are programs that are focused on only a specific part of your body.

Where To Buy Osaki OS-3d Pro Dreamer At The Best Price

Osaki’s recommended retail price to sell the Osaki Os-3d is $6,295, and this you may soon notice as the price that many online retailers sell this for. However, some shops do offer promotions or discounts at certain times of the year. Listed below are two trusted online retailers that sometimes have discount coupons or promotional offers. Make sure to check them out.

Want To Know More About The Osaki Os-3d Pro Dreamer?

Here are some more videos and images of the Osaki Pro dreamer zero gravity massage chair. There’s also a table of features at the bottom of this page to help you see clearly exactly what you’re getting when you buy Osaki os-3d.

The Osaki Os-3d Massage Chairs Specs

Warranty Period 2 years warranty on in-home service and labor, 4 years for parts and structural replacement; extended warranty available
Main Features
  • Zero Gravity
  • Rollers
yes, full roller system, 31″ roller track
  • Body Scan Technology
yes, 3d
  • Auto Recline (recline angle)
yes, 2 part zero gravity positions
  • Total No. of Air bags
  • Height adjustment
  • Heating Element
yes, lumbar
  • Number of motors
  • Intensity
can be adjusted
  • foot unit
yes, with air bags and mechanical rollers
Massage Features
  • Arm
  • Waist/Hip
  • Leg/Thigh – feet
  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Head
  • Back
  • Pelvic/Seat
  • Shin/Calf
Automatic Programs Available 8 automatic massage programs:

  • quick massage for a quick full body masage
  • Full air – full body air pressure from the head to the feet
  • Stretching – great for sore muscles which stretches the back, hamstrings and arms
  • Music sync – vibrates according to the music you are playing
  • Anti Stress– get relaxed
  • Muscle relief– great for lower back tension
  • Wake up – the best way to start the day
  • Recovery
Manual Massage yes, You can also program it to focus on only one part of your body
  • Intensity control/adjustment
  • Memory capability
  • Speed control
  • height adjustment
  • roller width adjustment
  • pillow, cushion
  • Removable back pad
  • shoulder massage unit
  • Maximum User Weight
265 lbs.
  • Power Supply
  • Power Consumption
250 Watts
  • Colors
black, brown, charcoal, cream
  • Dimension
48″ H x 35.4″ W x 58.3″ DWhen reclined: 45.3″ H x 35,4″ W x 74.8″ D
  • Chair Weight
230 lbs
  • Manufactured Where
  • remote control
  • Material
Synthetic leather and vinyl
  • rated time

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