Human Touch Ijoy 2580 Massage Chair


The defining feature of the Human Touch Ijoy 2580 Massage chair that differentiates it from the cheaper Ijoy 2310 is that the upholstery is made of Sofhyde leather and it’s bigger. So if you prefer the look of faux black leather (or Espresso color), then you will have to spend a  little bit more money to get the Ijoy 2580 chair.

Apart from this main difference, there are also more accessories and features available on the Ijoy2580 massage chair. Such as

  • power recline
  • a built-in control panel
  • cup holder

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Human Touch Ijoy 2580 Dimensions

Model Numbers:



  • power recline
  • the softhyde look is preferred by most
  • small enough for many rooms
  • reclines automatically
  • affordable


  • lacks the more sophisticated massage techniques in more advanced and high-end chairs
  • May not fit some very tall people – Over 6′ could become a problem

Reclines Up to 170 degrees

Just the perfect way to relax. The Human Touch Ijoy 2580 has an automatic recline feature. The recline angle ranges from 110 to 170 degrees.  Use this angle to customize the intensity of the massage. The farther back it is, the stronger the massage is. When you first sit on the chair, slowly change the angle to find the massage intensity that is most comfortable for you.

Easy to Move Around

The Ijoy Chairs weigh about 70 -100 pounds (depending on model), so moving them around is not always an easy task. This one, however, comes with wheels making it a much more portable chair. a

Low To The Floor

Some people may not exactly like this feature. If you look at the picture, the chair doesn’t have legs and is very close to the floor.This doesn’t impede the massage experience except when you’re very tall.

A Great Back Massage Experience

There are over three different massage programs to choose from. You can easily set which program you want to use depending on your need for that particular session. There’s a massage program for deep relaxation and to get rid of sore muscles, there’s a massage for an invigorating morning and there’s one for deep massages too.

The Massage Techniques

This technology uses four different massage techniques that recreate the real-life experience of going to a spa and getting a massage. The movement of a masseuse’s wrists, arms and hands are intricately imitated by the rollers and the motors in the chair.

As a result, four different techniques are used:

Rolling : Constant pressure that goes up and down your spine which is great for a sore lower back

Percussion: Rapid tapping on spinal muscles and joints.

Compression: Deep pressure to induce blood flow

Kneading: lifts and stretches the muscles, kneads muscles in small circular motions

Human Touch Ijoy 2580 Massage Chair Reviews

Here are some video reviews of the Ijoy massage chairs. If you would rather read the Ijoy 2580 reviews, the following sites have dozens of customer testimonials and comments.

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