Types Of Homedics Back Massager With Heat


Homedics is a well-known brand in the wellness and massage business. They not only make the ever popular Homedics back massager with heat but they also make foot spa, handheld massagers, and portable massage chairs.

One of the first things that people think about when it comes to Homedics is their portable shiatsu massagers. You can take them with you wherever you want to go and they’re great to have when relaxing at home.

Homedics massage chairs do not directly compete with the many robotic massage chairs that we feature on this site.

Instead, they make affordable massagers that are a lot more accessible. Sure it’s nice to have to zero gravity recliners, but these Homedics massage cushions are just as valuable for relaxing and de-stressing.

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About the Homedics Massage Cushion

These are cushions shaped like a chair that you can easily transport and carry with you — it’s great while working in the office or relaxing at home. There are different kinds of massage techniques that you can usually choose from such as

  • shiatsu
  • vibration massage
  • rolling massage
  • or Swedish massage

and most of the chairs have a heating feature as well.

The motors on a Homedics massage chair are located on the back part effectively giving a back and neck massage.

Popular Homedics Back Massagers With Heat

Air Compression + Shiatsu Massager

Many people love this Homedics Air Compression and Shiatsu Massager.  Put this on any chair and massage all the stress away.

Like many of the new Homedics massager, you can easily personalize this massager to suit your needs for the day. You can massage the top or lower back or the whole back if you want. And of course, there’s the added relaxing mode of having the heat on, too. Check out what customers say about this massage chair.

Mcs-360H Back Massager

The MCS-360H back massager is best used for the office or at home. It works like a Swedish massage with four massage nodes that travel up and down the back.  This means that it can massage the upper, middle and lower back. This comes with heat option. This is a strong massager and is fit for those who want a whole back massage rather than a more localized one.

More Ideas For Homedics Chair Massager

If the heat function is not that important to you, here are some of the bestselling Homedics chair massager that are highly well-rated.

Homedics Quad Roller Shiatsu Massager

Choose from 6 different programs when you use the Quad Roller Shiatsu massager. The massage function can be easily adjusted. These are the Shiatsu massage in full, upper or lower back and a rolling massage for each of the three modes. You can easily control where the massage goes as well. So if you feel that your upper back needs a bit more work, you can set it to only massage that area for the time you use it.

Homedics Elounger El-200

The Homedics E lounger El-200 looks almost like one of the robotic massagers. However, this is a basic quad roller massage recliner that does an upper, lower or full back massage.  This isn’t an easy one to buy online although you may just find it at the official Homedics website.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a portable massager, you can’t go wrong with the Homedics brand. They have many different models offering different kinds of massage techniques that you are surely going to find one that fits your needs. They work too — the rolling, vibrating and kneading massages of the cushions coupled with the heating feature make it one of the best massage chairs /cushion at a budget price.

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