Fujita Massage Chairs Comparison


Fujita massage chairs look pretty sleek and it’s easy to fall in love with their designs at first glance. It isn’t that easy to find information about the company though. The chairs are available in many high profile sites online with customer reviews that often show some very happy customers.

It is true that they are not as popular a company as the others featured on this site but they do have many highly rated chairs that customers are very happy about.

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Contact Info

Fujita is based in Brea California

Fujita Massage Chair
2913-J Saturn St.
Brea, CA 92821

Telephone : 714-985-4988
Email: customer@fujitamassagechair.com

About the Fujita Chairs

Fujita currently lists 8 different massage chair models on their site. These massage chairs all have the look of an upmarket massage recliner and features that can easily rival luxurious chairs that we are more familiar with.

Many of the chairs all have the features that are sought after in a massage chair for the home such as:

  • full body massage from head to the feet
  • body stretching
  • various massage techniques such as thai, swedish, japanese and chinese
  • infrared body scanning
  • zero gravity positions
  • heating function
  • most of the chairs are FDA approved

Like the more popular Osaki chairs, Fujita is also manufactured in China

Popular Fujita Massage Chairs

Fujita SMK9070

The SMK9070 is the new Fujita chair that performs many different massage techniques. It swings, it twists, it has rollers and it massages your body from head to your feet. The massage can be easily customized depending on how you want your massage done — i.e, you can adjust the intensity or the action.

It also comes with a portable heating pad that can be used for different body parts. Like other new Fujita chairs, this is designed so that it can get to all your different pressure points — even the tailbone!

If you’re looking for that very recognizable yellow massage chair, this is the one.

Fujita KN7005R

Sometimes, you just need a good head massage — that’s exactly one of the main features of this zero gravity robotic chair. Just put the head and scalp massager around your head and you’ll feel as if the hands of a real masseuse is working getting the stress away. This has over 6 auto massage programs so you can set it depending on what your needs are such as night time, weightless, pelvis swing or a stretch.

Fujita KN9003

The main selling point of the KN9003 is that it has a male/female program. This basically means simply that you can adjust the pressure and strength of the program depending on the gender of the person using the chair.

Fujita SMK9100

This one looks pretty sleek and is available in three luxurious colors: ivory, black, and latte.  It is said to have the World´s first intelligent armrest as it adjusts itself depending on who is using the chair. It can be connected to a music player so you can listen to your favorite music while destressing. This is one of the more expensive models on this list.

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