Fish Oil Vs Krill oil – A Comparison

The world of supplements used to give so much weight on the importance of fish oil in our diet. In the past two years however, more and more health specialists have started to recommend taking Krill oil capsules instead of Fish oil.

Now here we are wondering what exactly is the difference between the two? To help you decide which one to take, here are some important facts

Fish Oil versus Krill Oil – Similarities

  • both are good sources of Omega-3
  • both available in capsule form
  • regularly taking these two supplements help with reducing inflammation, alleviate joint pain, enhance mental health, strenthen cardiovascular systems and can potentially help people who are prone to depression

Why Is Krill Oil Considered The Next Big Thing?

Since these two oils have very similar benefits, why then do we have to take Krill oil instead of fish oil? Here are some of the reasons why.

  1. The Omega-3 fatty acids that comes from Krill are deemed to work better than fish oil. It’s fatty acid is very much like our own body so they can get into our cells quicker and gets absorbed much faster as well.
  2. Krill Oil is safer than Fish Oil – One of the longstanding problems of fish oil is the possibility of contaminants. Krill on the other hand is at the bottom of the food chain which means there is much less chance of chemical contaminants getting in their diet.
  3. Has antioxidant properties – Apart from the Omega 3 content, Krill also has antioxidant properties. This means you get more health benefits when you take Krill oil vs fish oil.
  4. No fishy smell – For those of you who have resisted taking fish oil because of the “fishy” aftertaste, you won’t have any of that problem with Krill oil.


Krill oil undoubtedly holds a lot of promise as a nutritional supplement. Fish oil are no doubt good sources of omega oil as well. But if you want to get more bang for your buck, then Krill oil is a better supplement.

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