Heavy-duty good quality treadmills with 400-450 lb weight limit.

It’s not often easy to find heavy-duty treadmills with a high weight capacity.  Usually, this involves many hours of research just to find the treadmills with 400 lb weight capacity or more. Well, we’ve just made it easier. Here are 5 treadmills with high weight limits: 5 at 400 lbs and 2 at over 450 lb capacity. All treadmills on this list may a common weight capacity but they have very different features. A couple are less than $1000 but they have less features. A few more are bit more expensive but they have features equivalent to a commercial treadmill. But whichever one you chooseRead More →

sole f80 traedmill 2011

… (And The 2013 Model Is Out Now!) Update: The Sole f80 treadmill has consistently been one of Sole’s leading product. And guess what? they have just recently released a newer model, the Sole f80 treadmill 2013 model is now out. It’s bigger and smoother and one that many people who exercise at home will no doubt love. -end of update- After the big success of the Sole f80 2009 model, the company has just recently come out with an improved version: the Sole f80 Treadmill 2011 Model. Expect all the great features of the previous models incorporated on this one plus some more addedRead More →

best treadmill for home use

Discussing the best treadmills for home use depends on a few different factors. need to consider a few things How much is your budget? How tall are you? Are you more of a runner or a walker? Do you want it just for exercise purposes or do you want all the technological gadgets that many new treadmills have nowadays? Once you’ve got this all figured out and narrowed down, then buying the best treadmill for your home and for your own specific use becomes much easier. Best Budget Treadmill For Home Proform 505 CST Treadmill This is a budget treadmill that comes with all theRead More →

treadmills with ifit

Treadmills with ifit technology take your exercise at home to a whole new level. This is fitness machine meet technology meet social. Many treadmills still don’t have ifit technology built in but I’m pretty sure that newer versions for 2014 will include this technology that is widely becoming more and more popular among tech-savvy treadmill users. Ifit can either be built in the machine or you can usually install them easily. }} Some of the links in the following article will lead you to one of our merchant partners. This means that when you click a link, we make a little commission, at no extra costRead More →

treadmills with incline features

Running or walking on a treadmill can’t be exactly like running outside. However, one of the things you can do to simulate the track/road outside is by running on treadmills with incline features. Setting the treadmill’s incline at a higher percentage allows a more intensive workout. This means you burn more calories for the same number of minutes you run on that treadmill at home. It’s ideal to set treadmills with inclines at 1-2% to “mimic”  walking on level ground outside. Setting it at this percentage helps account for the wind factor which you don’t get at home. Many treadmills nowadays have this incline featureRead More →

Sole f80 treadmill

  Sole Fitness’ Sole f80 treadmill has always been one of the bestselling products of the company. For the 2013 model, they’re releasing a much better and smoother treadmill for much better and more efficient workouts at home. This updated version is one of the best treadmills you can buy at this price range. ** Some links on this page takes you to our affiliate partners. This means that we may get a small commission when you click the link. ** Sole F80 Dimensions What You Need to know about Sole f80 measurements The new Sole F80 has a height of 58 inches, a 35 inches widthRead More →

treadmills with tv screen built in

We’ve featured a few different kinds of treadmills on this site. However, one of the features that many always ask about are treadmills with tv screen built in. It’s not one of the most common features as you probably know by now. There are very few companies (for now) that make good quality treadmills which have tv screens too. So far, I’ve found only three of these treadmills that you can use at home. And looking at the reviews online, only one of them has consistently good ratings. }} Some of the links in the following article will lead you to one of our merchant partners.Read More →