It’s not always easy to find the perfect exercise machine for home use. The many choices from tread mills to rowers to ab sculptors make the buying process a bit tricky. But if you’re looking for one that is safe for any age, is forgiving to the knees and is effective, then a rebounder is what you’re looking for. So what is a rebounder? It’s a mini trampoline. And no! That’s not a joke. You read it right. It is a trampoline. The concept of rebounding revolves around the trampoline itself. You can do all your exercises from aerobics to yoga to pilates and manyRead More →

teeter hang ups ep 950 inversion therapy table

You need not live with back pain. You need not surrender to your chronic pain lying in your bed in agony. You need not wake up every morning feeling like your body has just been whacked by some unknown force in your sleep. As surprising as this may sound, the Teeter Hang ups ep 950 inversion therapy table has helped many people live the life they are meant to have. They spend at least 5 minutes on the Teeter ep950 inversion therapy table every day and the pain goes away. Does this sound unbelievable? Well, don’t take my word for it. Read what over 250Read More →